A special event took place at noon today for the Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache and its hospital, as the Association des bénévoles du center hospitalier St-Eustache presented the Foundation with a very generous donation of $90,356.73.

Founded just over 20 years ago, the Association des bénévoles had been managing La Douce Pensée, a boutique located at the entrance of Hôpital de Saint-Eustache. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the move of the specimen collection center outside the hospital, the Association experienced a significant drop in user visits to the hospital, which in turn affected the boutique. Additionally, the lack of volunteers to run the boutique since 2020 had also been a challenge for the Association. As a result, the Board of Directors had to make the tough decision to dissolve the Association in 2022.

The team at Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache would like to acknowledge and appreciate the significant contribution made by the Association des bénévoles and the boutique La Douce Pensée over the years. The boutique was not just a store for patients, families, and volunteers; it was a place for sharing, a welcome distraction when needed and an opportunity to buy a small, comforting gift for a loved one.

The Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache pledged to acquire equipment worth $655,615 for Hôpital Saint-Eustache in 2023. This donation is greatly appreciated, as it will help the Fondation carry out its mission. With the arrival of nuclear medicine in 2024, the expansion and modernization of the Emergency Department, the addition of a short-term mental health hospitalization unit and the demands of several departments, the needs are growing, and all parties involved will benefit from this generous donation.

The Fondation would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the Association des bénévoles of the Centre hospitalier St-Eustache for their outstanding contribution. The Association’s representatives were thrilled to make a difference in their community. From left to right: Gisèle Laurin, President of the Association’s Board of Directors, Lyne Des Trois Maisons, FHSE Executive Director and Lise Blanchard, Treasurer of the Association’s Board of Directors, and manager for the boutique’s accounting.

For more information, donate, or attend one of our events, please contact the Fondation at 450 974-8229 or visit our website at www.fondationhopitalsainteustache.com.