The Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache and its President, Mr. Jacques Pelletier, are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Lyne Des Trois Maisons as the Executive Director of the Fondation. Ms. Des Trois Maisons has lived in Saint-Eustache for the last 20 years and is well acquainted with the hospital and the Fondation. She previously served as the Head of Communications for the Centre de santé et de services sociaux (CSSS) du Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes for five years and has provided advising and support to the Fondation’s team.

Ms. Des Trois Maisons is a skilled manager and recently earned a Graduate Diploma in Management from HEC. We are confident that her kindness, dedication, creativity, and exceptional communication skills will enable her to overcome any challenges and contribute to the Fondation’s mission.

Mr. Pelletier, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, highlighted that after a thorough recruitment process, Ms. Des Trois Maisons was unanimously appointed by the selection committee. Her awareness of the challenges that the hôpital de Saint-Eustache faces and her vision for the Fondation’s future, made her the ideal candidate for this position.

Ms. Des Trois Maisons expressed her gratitude to the Board of Directors for entrusting her with this responsibility and as the new Executive Director of the Fondation, she is motivated and eager to undertake this new professional challenge. One of her goals is to increase the sense of belonging among donors, physicians, managers, employees, and residents of the Lower Laurentians. As the Fondation celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020, she endeavors to reinvigorate it with ongoing support from partnerships, donations, sponsorships, volunteering and through outreach initiatives. Please join us on this journey!

Ms. Des Trois Maisons’ appointment as Executive Director of the Fondation is effective immediately.