The President’s Dinner of the Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache (FHSE), which took place on Thursday January 25th, at the magnificent Cidrerie Lacroix in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, raised a record net profit of $35,088! Donations raised during the event will allow the FHSE to improve access to local care for the population of the Lower Laurentians, and to acquire state-of-the-art equipment for the Hôpital de Saint-Eustache.

The 5-course dinner, featuring carefully curated wine and cider pairings by sommelier Jean-Paul Rassam, was once again, a big success this year. 103 guests from the Lower Laurentians business community and doctors from the Hôpital de Saint-Eustache gathered to raise a glass to the health and well-being of our community. Attendees were treated to a wonderful evening of delicious food, privately imported wines and ciders from Cidrerie Lacroix, and a fabulous auction of 42 prizes. Each guest also left with a microfiber glass towel as a souvenir of the evening. The event is held in a new local restaurant with a new sommelier each year, a great way to discover and encourage local entrepreneurs and restaurateurs.

The Chairman of the FHSE Board of Directors, Mr. Pierre Mayer, Senior Associate at Trivium Avocats-Notaires-Conseils, was delighted by the number of people who attended the event. He took the opportunity to pay a touching tribute to his friend Dario Crispino, the owner of Fellini restaurant, who hosted the first President’s Dinner: “In 2022, Dario wanted to organize an event to support the Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache, and as a result, we created the first President’s Dinner at Fellini. On January 26th, 2023, we welcomed over 90 guests and raised over $21,000 net for the Fondation. A few days later, Dario was diagnosed with leukemia. On October 20th, 2023, at the age of 65, Dario passed away. I want to honour him for everything he’s done for the community, for the Fondation, for his family, and especially for me, as he had been my friend for nearly 30 years!” Executive Director Lyne Des Trois Maisons was moved by the involvement of the partners and participants in attendance: “The generosity of the people and partners amazes me. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated. A special thank you to our Presenting Partner, the Lower Laurentians MNAs Mr. Benoit Charette, MNA for Deux-Montagnes, Mr. Eric Girard, MNA for Groulx, Mrs. Sylvie D’Amours, MNA for Mirabel, and Mr. Mario Laframboise, MNA for Blainville. Thank you to our partners: Journal L’Éveil, Triviüm Avocats-Notaires-Conseils and Cidrerie Lacroix. I can’t thank you enough, so I’ll say it 35,088 times!”

We would also like to express our gratitude to the dignitaries who were in attendance:

  • Benoit Charette, Minister of the Environment, the Fight Against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks, Minister Responsible for the Laurentides Region Member for Deux-Montagnes ;
  • Andrée Godin, Office Manager for Eric Girard, Minister of Finance, Minister Responsible for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers and Member for Groulx;
  • Simon Farago, Office Manager for Louise Chabot, Member of Parliament for Thérèse-De Blainville;
  • Arianne Collin-Gascon, Office Manager for Luc Desilets, Member of Parliament for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles;
  • Marc-Olivier Leblanc, representing Jean-Denis Garon, Member of Parliament for Mirabel;
  • Martine Gendron, Office Manager for Sylvie D’Amours, Chair of the Committee on Labour and the Economy and Member for Mirabel ;
  • Catherine Dubeau, political attaché to Mario Laframboise, Member for Blainville and Caucus Chair;
  • Patrick Charbonneau, Mayor of Mirabel.

For more information on the Fondation Hôpital Saint-Eustache, visit or contact us at 450 974-8229. Our next fundraising event is the 5th edition of the Surf and Turf Dinner , which will take place on Thursday May 16th, at the Centre culturel et communautaire Thérèse-De Blainville. Please contact us to reserve your spot!